Dacorum Education Support Centre (DESC) works with all 56 primary, two middle and nine secondary schools in the Dacorum area.

Our aim is to provide early intervention for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties and support for colleagues in schools. We aim to reduce the need for permanent exclusions from mainstream schools and develop positive, honest relationships with our partner school.

We support the child, the family and the school. We work closely with a range of other professionals to provide a consistent approach to support the child to move forward successfully.

The Outreach team are qualified Outreach teachers and specialist support workers, who provide intervention provision in mainstream schools for young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. We support schools in promoting the positive behaviour of students. We are a County Service, funded by the Local Authority.

For some students, 1 to 1 support is required, or working in small groups, to be able to develop behaviours that support their learning. We also work with other providers to enable our students to access different learning opportunities and re-engage with them.

We recognise that the needs of individual students within their schools differ widely and so, as a team, we offer a broad and flexible range of services in order to address those needs. As the needs of the students and schools change, so can the nature of our intervention provision.

When a student is referred to us, a variety of options may be offered. Each intervention is personalised for the student and may include:

  • Individual behaviour programme with a specific focus.
  • Group work; social skills, friendship groups etc.
  • Transition Programme (KS1, KS2, KS3).
  • Circle of friends/peer support.
  • Mentoring.
  • Reintegration support.
  • Managed move support.
  • Whole class programmes.
  • 10 week intensive programme PIP.
  • Support for parents to facilitate consistency between school and home.

This is a non-exhaustive list, and every programme is bespoke for the child.

Message from the Head
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